Our Difference

We just don’t talk climate – we live our environmental values every day.

What drives our values is our pledge to the health and well-being of our people and our planet.  We invite you to discover the difference vision and commitment make at PNW in delivering environmental excellence – every day.

We are:

Carbon Neutral

Our carbon offsets are found deep in the Great Bear Rainforest (GBR), which covers 64,000 sq km on British Columbia’s West coast. The GBR is the world’s largest remaining coastal temperate rainforest to be found intact and is home to a wild array of biodiversity and wildlife.  It is also home to a complimentary and massive carbon sink. Buying carbon offsets here ensures that programs to protect the forest are funded for generations ahead.



BC Green Business Collective

We met every criteria of the BC Green Business Collective and are proud to be part of addressing climate change – starting at home. There is no question that the small things we do in-house matter as much as meeting the large objectives of international recognition.  The vibrancy of the Capital region is due in part to the enthusiasm that environmentally minded businesses share.

Like other outstanding businesses in the area, we employ only the best to conduct our environmental audit.  Synergy keeps us on track and offers exceptional guidance in the reduction of our carbon footprint and a roadmap to the future.

See our latest Carbon Footprint Report (Note on refrigerants: The buses sat for two years during the pandemic and the refrigerants had to be recharged for the buses to function properly.  Our future targets will be met or exceeded. )

BCorp Certified


As a local company with a global mindset, we are the first transport enterprise in North America to receive BCorp Designation.  PNWTS is part of an elite group of companies that has met the toughest social and environmental criteria.  The “B” in BCorp stands for “benefit for all” and we have committed to the highest standards of transparency, accountability, social and environmental performance.

We will continue to strive to meet or exceed our targets and to deliver on the promise of moving guests from the harbor to points around the regional district quickly, safely and efficiently.   BCorp signals that we are here to better the world for ourselves and our community and that we deliver on our promise of excellence.


Going the distance – on less. 

We’ve taken stock and moved the bar higher. We are converting the buses to minimum 2010 EPA compliance and procured double decker buses for transport efficiency.  This has cut our emissions by 48% and upon completion will reduce emissions by 80%. We are not stopping there. In late 2023 we switch to renewable fuel made from plant waste for a further CO2 reduction of 85%. This is done without increasing the environmental footprint on fuel delivery.

From the wash rack where we recycle the water to the ban of single use plastic water bottles in our company right through the the composter found in our kitchen, we believe that each small thing we do contributes to a better place to live and to work.  We measure everything, including the trash, and ensure that from the paper in the printer though to the product used in the buses – we align with our product values of local, traceable, recyclable and environmentally friendly products. To date, 44% of our waste has been diverted from landfill by recycling. We cut our power usage by 5% and our paper usage by over 61%, contributing to cleaner air and less waste.

Transport for the Future

We don’t imagine for a moment that environmental excellence is achieved and the journey then ends – rather we see a long road stretching ahead.  It is a road of opportunity.  We are excited to be investigating a wide array of technologies and practises – everything from alternate fuels, shorter routes, cleaner engines and supplementary inputs through to our own behaviour at work and in the community.

Our leadership is focused and our teams are on board.  We look forward to continued collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders who also live their environmental values.

 List of collaborators

The United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

PNWTS is focused on driving change right to the international level and is contributing to the UN SDG’s through our actions.  From ensuring that our people are paid a living wage to through to caring for ocean life – our vision is clear and our contributions are measurable.  We do make a difference.

Click on the goal and see what we are doing to ensure that not only sustainable goals, but universal rights, are being upheld.