Pacific Northwest Transportation Services (PNWTS) is the proud supplier of carbon neutral transportation services for the cruise industry in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

Located at the Ogden Point Cruise Terminal, PNWTS operates convenient shuttle connections from the pier in the Breakwater District to downtown Victoria. As the exclusive supplier of buses on behalf of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA), PNWTS provides motor coaches for shore excursion tours originating from cruise lines and is the sole provider of dispatch services on the Terminal.

Upon arrival in Victoria, cruise passengers are required to clear Canadian Customs. Following customs clearance, guests are greeted by friendly PNWTS transportation professionals and are directed to the appropriate vehicle for their shuttle or tour. We work with local tour operators to offer a wide range of experiences designed to enhance the guest’s Victoria experience.

We pride ourselves in supporting sustainable and responsible tourism. Please familiarize yourself with Destination British Columbia’s 10 Ways to Travel Safely and Responsibly.

Pacific Northwest Transportation Services is pleased to provide service between the Ogden Point Terminal and downtown Victoria. This shuttle runs for every ship call, and runs a minimum of every 15 minutes.

We are 100% Carbon Neutral and have plans to convert our entire fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Learn more about our Sustainability Initiatives.