Working together, we can accelerate the transition to clean transportation on Vancouver Island.

Here are some of our current efforts to help off-set the impact our business has on the environment:

  • Recycle our waste
  • Unplug policy for computers, appliances and lights in our office at night
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Use 100% recycled office paper with a recycling program in place
  • Trying to be as paperless as possible
  • Idle-free policy for our vehicles and all vehicles entering our lot
  • Regular maintenance on all vehicles to ensure less harmful gas emissions
  • Speed control training and specific driver training to help reduce emissions
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Additional hybrid options for future vehicle purchases
  • To continue to build on our knowledge of environmental impact and creative ways to make positive change

View our Sustainability Policy. For more information on our sustainability efforts,  Isabella Lai will be your contact.