Building sustainable mobility means, first and foremost, convincing as many people as possible to choose mass transit options. To do this, our first mission is to offer a quality service, one that is both optimized and efficient in order to increase ridership. View our Sustainability Policy.

PNWTS is committed to climate action.

We are 100% Carbon Neutral and have plans to convert our entire fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2030. For more information on our sustainability efforts,  Isabella Lai will be your contact.

We are certified Green by the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective
See full assessment and score.

View our Carbon Footprint Report here

Carbon Offsets
PNWTS purchases carbon offsets from the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project to offset our carbon footprint.


Our Strategies

1. Address emissions from refrigerants.
2. Continue a review of all tours to determine the best use of vehicle type to lower emissions.
3. Focus on electric/hydrogen vehicle conversions.
4. Partner on community altruistic development projects.
5. Enhance charitable giving.

Environmental Partners 

Synergy Enterprises 

Innervated Vehicle engineering

Hydrogen BC

Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association

Zen – Clean Energy Solutions

Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium

Ballard Power:  Fuel Cell & Clean Energy Solutions

BMT Fleet Maintenance Centre

Vancouver Island Green Business Collective

Our Journey

First Electric double Decker on Vancouver Island

5-hour minimum call-out for drivers
Safety protocols exceeded industry standards

1984 engines to efficient 2010 models
White-noise backup beepers
Low-flow wash rack uses recycled water

Completed first carbon footprint report

Carbon Neutral, VIGBC Certification, Travelife Partner Certification, WTTC Safe Travels Stamp


Carbon Neutral, VIGBC Certification, Travelife Partner Certification


Carbon Neutral, VIGBC Certification, Travelife Partner Certification


VIGBC Green Certification,  Certified B Corporation (pending)