Socially Conscious, Community-Minded

PNWTS, along with our parent company Western Stevedoring, is dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and work. Fostering a culture of community service, we seek out opportunities to engage and build strong relationships with residents, businesses, and local area groups alike.

Working closely with all levels of government and environmental groups we are committed to offering the best transportation services in a safe, sustainable, and seamless manner, lessening the impact on our environment and our neighbourhoods.

Community Alignment

Supporting the shift to zero-emission vehicles will help Victoria meet Official Community Plan Goals

City of Victoria Goals

PNWTS Approach

⇒ Transportation options reduce fossil fuel dependence

⇒ Attract and retain sustainable enterprises in the region

⇒ Employment opportunities with income to financially support families

√ Electric and Hydrogen buses provide clean, quiet transportation

√ Focus on developing local ZEV-conversion market

√ Safe and fulfilling careers; all staff paid a living wage


Community Initiatives

Western Stevedoring Group of Companies is proud to be part of port communities across British Columbia. We are working together to create shared value and prosperity, building an environment in which we can all thrive and working towards a shared vision of a better future for our children and grandchildren.

These values are never more important than right now, in the fight against COVID-19.  Join us in helping our communities. See our cleaning & sanitizing protocols here.

Formal Statement on PNWTS Charitable Giving Practices

PNWTS is committed to supporting our Vancouver Island community. This includes providing both pro-bono transportation services and donating a portion of our profits to organizations that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This year we are especially keen to support programs and organizations that are contributing to these SDGs as selected by our PNWTS team: