While the Cruise Industry remains quiet in Canada, businesses that rely on this important industry are taking stock and making changes. Lockdowns have provided an extended period of reflection for many organizations, with business leaders focusing more on sustainability encompassing environmental, social, and governance goals. Customers expect business practices that are both ethical and sustainable. Employees, too, are expecting more. A living wage, inclusivity, civility, and fairness are now at the forefront of desirable places to work.

Pacific Northwest Transportation Services (PNWTS), along with parent company Western Group, is committed to social and environmental good. We are changing our governance and business models to place an even greater focus on corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We have undertaken third-party audits that demonstrate our commitment to balancing the needs of workers, community, customers, and the environment coupled with delivering a healthy bottom line.

Guiding our way is our carbon-neutral achievement, coupled with the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective certification, the Travelife Partner designation, the UN Safe Travels stamp, along with our ongoing work towards becoming B Corp Certified.

Our goal of converting our fleet to fuel-cell battery electric vehicles is underway, with the initial design phase completed. We are working closely with governments, partners, and consortia to source the funding necessary to bring this leading-edge conversion technology to market, eliminating the need for operators to purchase zero-emission vehicles but rather convert their existing fleet where feasible.

“Sustainability is not a trend that will pass but rather a business reality. PNWTS understands the commitment required as governments put measures in place to reach the Paris Agreement and United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals. Becoming more sustainable will test our organizations’ sourcing, employment, and growth strategies. We believe that businesses like ours that have integrated sustainability and transparency into their operations before the global pandemic will need to place an even greater focus on them now.”

David Roberts, General Manager, Pacific Northwest Transportation Services