In an effort to achieve a shared goal of sustainable cruise tourism and environmentally sustainable ground transportation services, we have entered into an agreement with the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

Since 2018, Pacific Northwest Transportation Services has been the exclusive provider of the shuttle bus service to downtown, a core fleet of vehicles for shore excursion tours that emanate from the Ogden Point Terminal, and the exclusive provider of dispatch services on the Terminal. We are constantly working to modernize our vehicle fleet in order to provide the highest quality, most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly buses. As the cruise industry continues to grow and bring guests to Victoria from all over the globe, it is important for us that we can offer sustainable transportation services that will also enhance the guest experience. More importantly, is the work we can do to improve the industry for the residents of Victoria. With newer, technologically advanced transportation, we can decrease the impact of cruise operations on the local neighbourhood. With this partnership we are able to lower air and noise emissions, and decrease the traffic through the James Bay area. We are grateful for this opportunity, and have high goals for the future of the industry here in Victoria. Thank you for your support.

I am very grateful to have completed the last 2 years of my 12 year bus driving life with Pacific Northwest Transportation Services (PNWTS) organization. In my heart, during those first 10 yrs., I knew it could be done better and the “PNWTS team” have shown me it can be that way. How you do business and treat your employees is the right way!

Pete TTour Bus Driver

I have enjoyed, no make that loved, working for both CVS and PNWTs. I wish I’d started 40 years earlier … PNWTS has an incredible management team leading into the future growth of a great company. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it all.

Kent W.Tour Bus Driver